Perfect for catalog & Co.

With the speedata Publisher, individual, up-to-date and beautiful layouted PDF documents can be generated from databases (product databases, merchandise management, CMS) simply and quickly. Companies use the speedata Publisher in marketing, sales or for technical communication.

Quantity –
for big volumes

The speedata Publisher is ideal for users operating with large or numerous documents. Companies save a lot of money and time by the automatic creation of PDFs.

for high-quality documents

The speedata Publisher is rule-based and therefore also masters complex corporate design requirements. Graphic guidelines are reliably and beautifully implemented by design rules.

for indivual customer needs

With the speedata Publisher, you are able to create individualized PDFs at the touch of a button. You address your customers personally and make optimal use of this marketing advantage.

No pressure -
always up-to-date content

Companies whose catalogs or other publications are subject to a high update pressure benefit enormously from the speed of the speedata Publisher when creating PDFs.

perfect in many languages

Multilingual objects can be easily created with the speedata Publisher. Hyphenations, writing directions and particularities of a language are correctly implemented. Multiple languages can be used simultaneously.


  • prepress stage
  • web upload
  • sending via e-mail
  • conversion to flip-through catalog
  • and whatever you can imagine

Output media

  • catalogs
  • magazines
  • data sheets
  • serial letters
  • technical documentation
  • on-demand documents
  • one-to-one documents
  • multilingual documents
  • and many more