speedata Publisher – fast, up-to-date, beautiful

Page layout, data import, graphics, coordination and controls – creating sophisticated PDFs from one or more data sources usually means a tedious and expensive process involving many people.
Making a quick change shortly before printing? That's difficult. But with the speedata Publisher this is no problem at all! You just have to update the data source – everything else is done automatically by the speedata Publisher.

100% automation

The speedata Publisher generates your PDFs fully automatically. No manual data entry, no graphic designing in the current document. You simply install the software and you can be sure that your data appear at the designated place and in the desired layout.

Corporate design

The speedata Publisher implements your individual corporate design guidelines and only has to be set up once. Neither your employees nor external service providers have to familiarize themselves again with your corporate design each time for a new project and create a new layout – everything is already „contained“ in the speedata Publisher and can be implemented for a wide variety of document types at the push of a button.

Data import

Often, the data for your planned documents come from multiple data sources, are stored in a media database via interfaces or imported semi-automatically to QuarkXPress or InDesign. Many data, many systems and many possible error sources. The speedata Publisher comes with one cental data source. The advantages: no additional databases, no redundant data storage, no error-proneness.


Especially publications with a complex and elaborate layout take a lot of time until they are finally available. The danger: as soon as published, some data are no longer up-to-date. With the speedata Publisher, your publications are updated on a daily basis, the coordination effort is significantly lower and print-on-demand is possible.


With the speedata Publisher, you are able to create catalogs and documents individually tailored to your customers' needs. You can personalize and configure the data according to the individual preferences and wishes of your customers. In this way, you not only save print volume but also address your customers more effectively.


In comparison to the manual page layout, the speedata Publisher helps you to significantly reduce processes and costs. Your layouts only need to be reconciled once. You can create your documents hourly, daily, weekly or at other intervals.


The speedata Publisher works server-based, all processes run fully automatically in the background. Once set up, the software runs smoothly and reliably. You can also expect reliability in our personal support for you. We are always there for you when you need our help.